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Sep 05, 2019

There are a number of straightforward steps anyone responsible for a business’ online presence can take to make it less of a novelty but a powerful sales generation tool. Below are some valuable tips which can help to improve results of social media marketing efforts.



Getting likes and reactions for your posts is nice but at the end of the day your goal is to gain value for your business from social media interactions. To do that you need to set realistic measurable goals for your efforts before you start your social media marketing campaign. Create goals which are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. “I want to get 15 new leads for product X in a week on platform Y and Z” is smarter than “We want to generate many sales online”. Creating well framed goals will help you to track your progress and learn what works and what doesn’t.


Know your Audience

People are very busy. They will not give you their attention if you can not connect with them at a personal level. Easier said than done given how diverse people are. If you are already an established then you are in luck: review your clients, dig though customer support and think how you can make their experience better. If you are a new business fear not, experiment a lot. Look at your competitors platforms, learn from their mistakes and successes. Put yourself in a hypothetical client’s shoes, adjust your content, rinse and repeat. It’s difficult sure, but worth the pain.


Be Consistent

To build a following and a strong media presence random posts won’t cut it. Post consistently, as frequently as is practical and reasonable. Post original, relative content, interesting content. Keep an ear to the ground on current trends in your field and use that information to better your readers and followers.


Cultivate influencers

In your marketing campaign or other interactions, you will meet people who really like your work and just cant wait to tell everyone about it. These people are extremely important in your marketing effort. Referrals are extremely valuable in lead generation and conversion. It is up to you to identify such individuals and engage them. Concentrate on those who make a lot of referrals, be appreciative and incentivise them. If possible create content for your influencers, this will keep your image consistent and possibly save you from nasty PR surprises.



Do not launch a blind and deaf posting blitzkrieg. Listen to feedback, respond and engage with people who have gifted you with their time and attention. Don’t give cookie cutter robotic responses, be authentic, show you care about them and what you do. Respond to criticism in a constructive and respectful manner. That way you can not only new leads but valuable information which will help you improve.



You set shiny SMART new goals. Don’t forget to measure them. Most social platforms offer tools you can use to track your progress and performance. Metrics like new followers, likes, clicks, messages e.t.c, measure such interactions. Note how they vary over time. Note how they vary with content. Armed with performance data effective changes to your online strategy can be made.


Grow Grow Grow.

Numbers do matter. As good as your product or content is, always remember the more people who see your content the more likely you will generate leads. Ask people to follow you or like your content. You will be surprised how many will actually do. Interesting events, give-aways, competitions all can help boost your reach. Oh and buy ads. As tempting as the free, organic route is you may struggle to gain traction unless your content is gold and tends to be viral.



To get results from your social media presence requires more than a casual post and forget approach. The rewards vastly outweigh the effort and cost of such an approach. We at NETHERO provide expert social media marketing and management services so that our clients can concentrate on doing their business.


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